Notice of Golden Week holidays May 1st to May 5th

Notice of New Year Holidays December 29th-January 6th

Notice of summer holidays August 13th-August 16th

It was published in Japan Creators 2020 (Colors inc.).

Notice of Golden Week holidays May 2nd to May 6th

It was published in Japan Creators 2019 (Colors inc.).

It was published in the May issue of Brain No.694 (Sendenkaigi).

We exhibited at Sendenkaigi Promotion Forum 2017.

It was published in WEB PRODUCTIONS 2017.

It was published in the July issue of Brain No.672.

It was published in Mdn Designer's File.

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Participation in prize-winning works such as ONE SHOW, CANNESLIONS, and Japan Industrial Advertising Awards. MDN Designer's File 2016, Designer's Rough Sketch (MDN Corporation), Brain (Sendenkaigi), Ad Select (Libra Publishing), Design that attracts products (PIE BOOKS), Web Designing Production Company Yearbook 2015 (Mynavi) * In no particular order. In addition, publication in trade magazines and books. * We apologize for any inconvenience caused by referring to production examples other than this site, but you will need your ID / PASS after making an inquiry.

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In a fast-changing world, the air and temperature between humans is very delicate and fragile. Can everyone really smile as digitalization progresses? Many people say that, but what we value at Point Co., Ltd. is a little different. In order not only to value smiles, but also to maximize the benefits, keep an eye on the mood of the times and the disadvantages of digitalization. We are always aiming for an output with an unprecedented antithesis. With free thinking, I am sensitive to all media and trends, make full use of them, and try to output with a focus on purpose every day. We will scientifically analyze the brand power that is indispensable to companies, such as CI / VI, product planning, naming, overseas promotion, corporate slogan, and Credo, from a unique perspective, and carefully guide you to problem solving.

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  • Planning

    It is a group that demonstrates its power if you let us know before the launch or from the planning stage. We contribute to corporate branding and product promotion with our unique logic scheme and observational eyes.

  • Brightening

    In producing output, it is important to always be aware of the "characteristics" of the company, return to the starting point, and always keep a flat mindset. We will carefully polish the innovative "important core".

  • Visualize

    We specialize in total proposals from the perspective of the management side of the organization. Through creativity, we will visualize while valuing the three points of "being proud, being able to continue, and becoming a topic".

In fact, there are many great values for a company that cannot be noticed by an in-house scheme alone. The important thing is to find the value that you think might be a small thing before you do something new. Branding of Point Co., Ltd. understands and analyzes the "characteristics" of clients based on the accumulated know-how. In addition, we will "visualize" the best way to attract people when viewed from a third party. We aim for quality that can increase the value of a company based on a sense of purpose, rather than simply looking cool.

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